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Custom building properties
Rema Real Estate Agency will arrange everything from the initial purchase of the plot to liasing with the building company and the architect. A complete turnkey operation is   carefully overseen with twice monthly reports on progress. This is based upon the carefully negotiated specification that has been worked out and submitted in writing. Building costs excluding the land purchase, are in the region of 500-700€ per sq metre including WAT, architects drawings, building permission, contract agreement, project management, real estate fees. Initial groundwork is not included in the building costs neither is any subsequent landscaping nor establishment of the garden. Those aspects can be covered in an additional fixed cost contract.
Each client is carefully advised on the current trends in Turkish property whether they are buying for investment, rental or owner occupation. The current client base includes developers, owners, tenants, investors and corporate property managers. The same careful attention is offered to each client to ensure satisfaction whether it is an apartment purchase or a large development.
Costumer representation
The aim of Rema Estate Agency is to reduce the workload of the client and bring each deal to a smooth and painless conclusion. Happy clients provide the company with recommendations and nothing works better than 'word of mouth'. That's why so much care is taken to explain the market and to ascertain the exact requirements of each client.
Ongoing property services
The purchase of a property is only the start. Rema estates agency can manage all aspects of future needs from managing holiday lets to overseeing building works and future development.These are other areas where local knowledge can be invaluable: Insurance,property tax, lawyers, bank facilities, local customs, airport transfer, furnishing, gardeners, cleaners, utility bills, etc.
Investment services
With Turkish property prices currently over 60% cheaper then Spain, Portugal and Cyprus now could be a wise time to invest before Turkey gains membership to the EU. From the start to finish – we are with you all the way.Just as every person different, every property is different.For this reason we are adaptable to meeting the expectation and needs of all of our clients and their specific purchase
Before Purchase
Airport transfer
Accommodation in either hotel or apartment
Information meeting concerning properties for sale in Alanya
Viewing service
During Purchase
Arranging bank account and tax numbers
Contracts between seller and buyer at public Notary Office with the legal translate
Registering contracts and applying to the military for sales permission at the dead office.
Exchanging'' contracts'' and obtaining the deeds.
Aftercare Service
After care service is only available for all clients who purchase a home with Rema Home
In your absence payment arranged for your electric, water and Phone bills, etc.
Information concerning the tax procedures.
Guidance in buying furniture for your new home.
Help finding qualified plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.
Obtaining residence permit/ visa from police station.
Renting or buying your own car.
Insuring your property or car.
Informing you of local hospitals, doctors, dentists and opticians.
Regular e-mail updates on activities, sports, meetings, local groups and news.
Organize the purchase of a satellite dish and tuning in to channels of your choice.
Rema Home Construction &Real Estate Company
Address : Kadıpaşa Mah. Damlataş Cd. No: 6/B 07400 Alanya - TURKEY
Phone : +90 242 519 47 84 Fax : +90 242 513 96 59 E-Mail : info@remahome.com
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